7 Ways To Create A Differentiated Client Experience For Your Bank

As you seek out new growth and look for revenue in 2014, take ten minutes to think about your bank’s brand to see how well you stand out in the eyes of your next customer.

“If your bank acts a little too much like the bank down the street, it’s time to reinvigorate your brand experience.” Tag Strategies’ brand strategist, Michelle Taglialatela, shares tips on how to create a fully differentiated customer experience and spur client growth now.

Step 1b

Nike. Apple. The SuperB…oops, The Big Game. Memorable brand experiences stand out. Dare to be different in 2014, with an approach that shows how your bank delivers beyond product and pricing.

Step 2

Take an afternoon, and read your company’s website and brochures. Visit your offices. Practice filling out new account applications and online banking forms. See what you love. And what you’d change.

Step 3

Recognize customers’ channel preferences, with this simple checklist:

    1. • Tablet and i-Phone users can access all website features
    1. • Online banking instructions work well
    1. • Account-opening is synchronized flawlessly
    1. • Online enrollments are simple
    1. • Customers know the latest features in bill pay and alerts messaging

TIP:Add a thank you message when clients have completed enrollment, since good manners never go out of style

Step 4

Millennials and Gen Xers have grown up. Offer insights and knowledge to sharpen your competitive edge with key demographic groups.

Step 5

Play up personal touchpoints. Ask customers how they feel, and more important, what they want. Survey, call, email, visit, or send a handwritten note. Capture feedback. And then use what you’ve learned to deliver more of what your customers want.

Step 6

When people need to get something done, they hire a company or pick a service. Start viewing, and packaging, your bank’s services to help fulfill on the specific “jobs to be done” for clearly defined customer segments, to unlock greater value.

Step 7

Add three new things to your onboarding experience right now that help you connect more with your clients, using our list of ideas to get your clients coming back for more.