5 Things Great Brands Do | Part 5

With being a great brand comes great responsibility. Data continues to show consumers are loyal to brands that align with their ideals and personal values. Do your social responsibility efforts complement your business and brand strategies?


Warby Parker

By circumventing traditional channels, and engaging with customers directly, they are able to provide eyewear at a fraction of the price. They believe buying glasses should be easy and fun—and that everyone has the right to see.

Warby Parker also identified that nearly one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses. To help address this problem they provide training for locals to give eye exams and they partner with non-profits to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.



Do they build cars with reinforced love or metal alloys? Hard to say because Subaru has been so consistent in delivering on it’s love promise. To do this they’ve identified five areas of focus and have aligned themselves with goodwill organizations in those categories, donating money, goods and time.

Subaru has woven it’s Love Promise, into every aspect of it’s culture and process. From building fuel efficient cars in eco-friendly plants to empowering its retailers to raise money and donate to the causes they care about. That is powerful and a great example of branding responsibly.


Ben & Jerry’s

It’s not enough to make the BEST ICE CREAM in the world. That’s been Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield’s mission since day one. It goes beyond using responsible and sustainable ingredients. Those are things that every consumer food manufacturer should doing at a bare minimum. B&J’s blog gives a great glimpse into how much further they go. Their latest post include:

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Ben & Jerry's

They aren’t shy about taking a stand. It’s why they got arrested and it’s why millions of people love their brand. (Being the world’s best ice cream doesn’t hurt either.)


Are you delivering on your brand promise? Your brand experience must be aligned with your promise from initial contact through the sales process and beyond. Need help connecting your brand with your purpose? Contact us today.

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