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5 Things Great Brands Do | Part 1


November 12, 2015

Effective brands have a singular focus. If you try to be all things to all people, you will never build a strong brand. Below are some great examples of brand focus.



The UPS brand stands for integrity and reliability. Aside from the shield in their logo representing this, they have a Code of Ethics booklet that all employees must read, and sign. They have tools in place to measure the compliance of their ethical practices. The way they dress, walk, and interact with customers is designed to reinforce the brand’s distinction. Jim Casey, co-founder of UPS, believed “Driver’s build relationships with customers a few minutes at a time, every day.” (a.k.a. Building trust.)


REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.)

Since 1938, REI has stood for good quality outdoor gear at reasonable prices. They’ve always been about experiencing what the great outdoors has to offer rather than focusing on profits. This positioning has enabled them to continue to grow and amass extremely loyal customers. Their focus is why in 2006, they purchased 11 million kilowatt hours of green power, enough to offset twenty percent of their overall power consumption. It’s also why, this Black Friday, they will be closing their stores and urging folks to “#OptOutside” instead of shopping REI stores or any other store for that matter.


Harley Davidson Motorcycles

“American by birth. Rebel by choice.” Now that’s a GREAT tagline! The Harley Davidson brand stands for personal freedom and American quality. Harley Davidson has been delivering on this singular focus for so long that owning one has become a rite of passage. It is practically a part of the American dream. HD is able to do a minimal amount of advertising because their product and brand are unified and consistently deliver. Once you own a “Harley” you want other people to experience what it’s all about. And as long as the brand continues to stay true to their values they are in for a long ride.


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