3 Brands That Are Fighting For The Planet

The human race has reached a critical point in the timeline of climate change. The industrial revolution and, recently, popularization of cheap plastic goods, have led us to consume more resources than the planet can take. And the consequences have begun to rear their heads in the form of freak storms, shrinking ice caps, and plastic-filled oceans.

However, many people and organizations are still fighting hard against climate change. Here are three brands who’ve made it their mission to help protect the planet.


In a time where pretty much anything imaginable can be bought online, it’s tempting to do all our shopping without even leaving the house. But the convenience of online shopping has a downside — emissions from transporting all those packages have a serious effect on our planet.

Enter Etsy: in February, the online marketplace announced that they are now offsetting 100% of their carbon emissions from shipping. Etsy is balancing out these emissions by investing in projects that work to reduce carbon emissions around the world. Now Etsy customers can shop online guilt-free — while supporting the independent artists and curators who use the website!

Beyond Meat

The meat industry has an emissions issue. Between 14.5 and 18 percent of the world’s human-induced greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock, with cows being the biggest offenders. Beyond Meat’s mission is to counter those emissions by providing incredibly realistic meat alternatives that are entirely plant-based.

Their target is not devoted vegans and vegetarians, but rather meat-eaters who want to cut down their consumption while still enjoying the meals they love. Their flagship product, the Beyond Burger, sizzles in the pan like meat and tastes like the real thing. Yet a Beyond Burger requires significantly less energy and resources to be created than a traditional beef burger. Meat eaters seeking to make a change (and vegetarians who miss the taste of hamburgers) should definitely look into this eco-friendly alternative.


The clothing and textile industry is the largest polluter in the world — with oil coming in first place. Reformation takes every effort to make their clothing’s impact on the planet as low as possible. They also make a point to be 100% transparent about the impact of each clothing item. Every product page on their website contains information about waste and resources saved by buying each item from Reformation, as opposed to other clothing sources.

Reformation is about more than waste management — they also use 100% wind energy, and source all materials ethically to minimize their social impact. And while many companies release earning reports, Reformation releases sustainability reports. You can read their 2017 report here.

Buying from sustainable brands isn’t always easy. Reformation and Beyond Burger are more expensive than your typical clothing and meat brands, and a cute throw pillow at Target is usually going to be cheaper than a unique, handmade one from Etsy. But at the end of the day, the love that these brands give to the planet is priceless.